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Pieces of wire binding equipment available

The company is based in Hillsboro, Oregon, and offers the Internet's largest selection of binding equipment, laminators, and document finishing devices and supplies. "We are extremely excited about this new product," said Jeff McRitchie, Vice-President of xxxing for MyBinding." The FlexiCloser is an automatic wire closer that can close both 2:1 and 3:1 wire spines, as well as Spiral-O wire binding implements. "The FlexiCloser is one of the most user-friendly wire closers available," said McRitchie." Anyone who uses this device can produce a great-looking document. "This is a great device that's perfect for anyone who does wire binding on a regular basis. Operation is safe because the machine is equipped with a safety sensor that cause the wire closer to only come down halfway if there are non-wire items in the closing has the FlexiCloser in stock and that units are ready to be shipped. There simply isn't anything else like it on the xafs. The FlexiCloser can automatically detect the size of the wire spines and will apply the appropriate amount of pressure to close them. The machine can work with spines that are up to 1. "We couldn't be happier about carrying the Akiles FlexiCloser," McRitchie said.5" in diameter, so users can bind documents that are up to 300 pages long." McRitchie went on to say that China Strapping Machines Manufacturers the FlexiCloser can remember settings so users can bind with the same size spine repeatedly. And best of all, they can do so quickly. "This is one of the most innovative pieces of wire binding equipment available. Users can adjust the settings via the machine's LCD control panel as necessary. McRitchie said that MyBinding. The machine also has a magnetic back in the wire closing area to keep spines in place during the binding process. The FlexiCloser also has a number of other special features such as a built-in wire hanger, one of the country's leading online retailers of document finishing equipment and supplies, has announced that they are now carrying the Akiles FlexiCloser Automatic Wire Closer.

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